Periodontal Therapy

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Non-surgical periodontal treatment is the least invasive method to maintain good oral health. It consists of scaling and root planing. Scaling is mainly cleaning teeth surfaces that are exposed above the gums. Root planing, on the other hand, is removing plaques and calculus from teeth root surfaces and is commonly performed on patients who have deep pockets. Pockets are spaces created between gums and teeth when gums are swollen or when teeth-surrounding bone is lost.

Periodontal Surgeries

Periodontal Surgeries are surgeries used to help alleviate the periodontal diseases. They include:

Pocket Reduction Procedures – reduce pockets to facilitate maintenance of oral hygiene
Gum Graft Surgery – increase gum attachment by placing grafts on receding gums
Regenerative Procedures – regenerate bones and tissues by using bone grafts and membranes
Dental Crown Lengthening – improve esthetics of tooth when too much gum is covering the tooth