Our orthodontic practice is dedicated to providing the finest quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly, enjoyable and caring environment using the most updated technology for both teens and adults. We offer treatment options that fit any lifestyle.

We are proud to maintain the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in all aspects of our patient-centered practice. We continually work to create a positive experience beyond our patients’ expectations. So Schedule your consultation today!

Our objective is to make sure your visits with us will be pleasant and informative. Your initial appointment will consist of an examination and a discussion of potential treatment options. This important visit will address the orthodontic needs of you or your child.

Dr. Shanil Medical Centre provide the highest quality of treatment to ensure the best outcome for their patients.

Our state-of-the-art practice has a warm and friendly atmosphere and offers our patients several treatment programs:

Early interception evaluations for children to prevent the development of more severe orthodontic problems in adolescence.

Efficient orthodontic care for teens with metal braces, clear braces, invisible or lingual braces and clear aligners.

Aesthetically-oriented adult orthodontic care with clear ceramic braces or invisible lingual braces.



Metal braces are the most popular with kids and teenagers. These braces are much smaller than ever before. Most kids love using different colors of ligature ties. See how different colors will look on your braces



Translucent clear ceramic braces are the most popular with adults and children alike. You have to be very close to someone to be able to see them.



Translucent clear ceramic braces are the most popular with adults and children alike. You have to be very close to someone to be able to see them.



Self-ligating braces offer several benefits for patients. They use a self-ligation technique using lighter wires and lower friction brackets to move teeth, while resulting in faster treatment times due to its slide mechanism, strong, mechanical base bonding and solid walls structured to control tooth movement with speed and efficiency



These are a transparent option of braces as compared to conventional braces. This latest development in the field of orthodontics has taken the world by storm. How would you like the option of undergoing orthodontic treatment without anyone realizing it?


“I don’t want braces at my age.”
With clear aligners, you don’t wear braces. Instead, your teeth are straightened by wearing a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. Almost no one can tell you’ve got the aligners on (unless you tell them). They can also be removed if you have an important event or evening planned.

“It’ll be too much trouble.”
Treatment with clear aligners is so easy. You’ll receive a series of clear aligners, which allow you to start a fresh set every two weeks. You wear them all the time, except when you’re eating, brushing, and flossing. time for you. On average, most cases take about 6-15 months depending on each individual.

“It’ll be too expensive.”
Clear Aligners treatment is a little more expensive than the traditional braces. However the number of visits to the orthodontist is reduced, so the treatment is not extended inspite of your busy schedule, thus ideal for people who travel a lot due to work!


As an adult, am I too old for braces?
Absolutely not! You are never too old for braces. We provide orthodontic care for many adults at all ages.

Are braces noticeable?
Braces were very noticeable when they went completely around the teeth. Today, most of the braces are bonded to the front of the teeth thereby eliminating the amount of metal on each tooth. It is also possible to have ceramic braces which blend in with your natural tooth color.

Can I still have braces even though I have crowns and missing teeth?
Absolutely! You can still have braces with crowns. Often when teeth are missing, adjacent teeth will drift into the empty space causing a periodontal, esthetic or functional problem. Orthodontic treatment will correct and prevent this from happening and also provide the proper alignment for your dentist to replace the missing teeth if you so choose.

Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment?
Yes. Even after our best orthodontic treatment, teeth will have a tendency to move slightly, whether you are a child or adult. A retainer is the only way to minimize this movement.


What are short term braces?
Simply said, it is using braces (orthodontics) to improve the appearance of one or few upper front teeth or the lower front teeth in a very short time – usually about six months. It is limited orthodontics not comprehensive orthodontics. The objective is to move only the front six to eight teeth only and not change the bite overall. Because the objective is limited the time span to achieve a more esthetic smile is very short.
Traditional orthodontic braces are used but upon request we can use ceramic brackets instead of the metal ones.
Not every one is a candidate for Short Term braces, however. Gum disease or significant misalignment may make this technique not possible